June Charitable Contributions

Selecting one organization to support for the month of June was difficult.  In addition to wanting to honor both Pride Month and the Black Lives Matter movement, there are an increasing number of funds and organizations doing good work to benefit disenfranchised communities - and an increasing number of efforts that need our support now more than ever.

After some research, I identified three organizations that support the Black LGBTQ community.  Each of these organizations has received a portion of our proceeds from the month of June. 

The Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund


A collaboration between the Black Trans Travel Fund, For the Gworls, and the Okra Project, funds are utilized to support Black trans protestors with resources, medical care, and bail.

LGBTQ Freedom Fund

The LGBTQ Freedom Fund


The LGBTQ Freedom Fund provides support to people held in jail or immigration detention, focusing on LGBTQ individuals, while also raising awareness of LGBTQ overincarceration.  The provide bail to incarcerated individuals who cannot afford it or otherwise do not have access.  LGBTQ people are 3 times more likely to be jailed, and while incarcerated are at a much higher risk of violence and sexual assault.

Unbroken Horizons.png

Unbroken Horizons Scholarship Foundation


The Unbroken Horizon Scholarship Foundation is provides funding to LGBTQ+ youth of all backgrounds to provide with the opportunity to further their respective educational journeys through college, university, career training, and technical schools. Their mission is to ensure that all students in marginalized communities, that have demonstrated resiliency and academic success, have the opportunity to continue their education and share their gifts and stories with the world.

If you have any suggestions for groups that we can support as our monthly donation recipient, please contact us!