About Feminist Doodles

Welcome to Feminist Doodles!

Feminist Doodles provides a playful outlet for feminists, progressive parents, and equality-minded folks everywhere to share your message through fun apparel and gifts.  I aim to bring equal parts fun and power to my work, to come together to use our existence to uplift equal rights, resistance, and anti-racism.

Meet Katy

Hi!  My name is Katy and I'm the illustrator behind Feminist Doodles.  I am a maker, artist, and amateur baker born and raised in Massachusetts.  I love to use playful cartoon illustrations to raise awareness about important issues for kids and grown ups alike.  My t-shirts, stickers, and cards feature illustrated historical and political figures, bright colors, and whimsical hand-lettering that make equality accessible and fun, while also conveying important messages about equal rights, anti-racism, and feminism.  I don't do this alone - I have the support of my helpful assistant Maggie, my 5-year-old cat-child, who inspects my work and supports my vision.

As an equality enthusiast, I also like to spend time reading books from diverse authors, including YA novels, historical fiction, nonfiction, and mysteries (but only cozy mysteries because I don't like to be too scared).  I'm also obsessed with small businesses, given that I have one myself, and I love discovering new shops and services, especially those that are created by women, BIPOC, and members of the LGBTQ community.

When I'm not drawing things, I can also be found playing percussion for a variety of local community bands and theater productions, Irish dancing (no wigs) and performing at community events and nursing homes, watching old seasons of the Challenge, baking cute cupcakes that look like other food, or conducting scientific studies with Maggie to determine the best napping spot in my house.

Community Support

Feminist Doodles makes monthly contributions to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a national organization that works to protect and uphold the rights of all people in the United States through grassroots organizing and legal actions. 

In addition, I select an organization each month to receive a portion of sales.  Past organizations that I have supported include the LGBTQ Freedom Fund, the Black Lives Matter Global Fund, the Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund, the Trevor Project, and the Unbroken Horizons LGBTQ Scholarship Fund.  I am intentional about selecting organizations that provide important resources and services to historically underserved populations.  If you have recommendations of organizations that could benefit from a donation, please feel free to reach out.  

Commissions & Other Projects

I started as an illustrator by drawing cartoon versions of real-life people - my first group portrait was a gift for my college student staff, when I was looking for an end of the year gift that wouldn't be generic.  They loved seeing themselves in cartoon form, and from there I started to get requests from colleagues and beyond to create drawings of their families and groups.

I love recreating family photos, honoring beloved pets, and creating unique gifts for teams, and I am excited to offer a limited number of custom drawings.  For more information, check out the commissions page.

I have also just released my first first children's book.  Written by Meghan Barrett, Scottie Sloth Stays Home is the story of a young sloth whose world has been turned upside down by COVID-19.  If you're interested in discussing a children's book collaboration, please contact me!