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First, place your order for your illustration using the form to the left.  Select the size of the handwriting sample - for a signature or short note, select small.  For full paragraphs like a recipe or full letter, select large.

Upload your photos using the uploader to the left. Either a photo or a scan is great!

Click add to cart and you've ordered your handwriting illustration!

Your recreation will be delivered via e-mail as a printable PDF.  If you would like your handwriting printed on a physical gift items the add-on options are listed below.  

To order an add-on item, click on the "add to cart" button. To add multiple of the same item, you can click "add to cart" again or visit your cart and adjust the quantity ordered.

Handwriting recreation is done 100% by hand and is totally customizable to your needs!

Handwriting gifts are created based on photos or scans of your handwriting sample - this can be a photo of the inside of a card, a scan of an old family recipe, or a signature on a letter.  

Please use the "additional notes" section to clarify how you would like the final product to look if needed - for example, if the text should be rearranged or if any imperfections in the original handwriting should be changed.

Have lots of pictures? You may want to add your photos to a word document, PDF, or Google slides presentation so that you can add notes next to each photo. You can upload any of these alternatives using the uploader to the left!

I got this pillow as a gift for my daughter with an old birthday card her grandmother gave her. She teared up when she opened it and the pillow has a special permanent place right in the center of her bed.

So happy to keep this special note close to my heart (literally) instead of just on a post-it note!

I was looking for a way to preserve a family recipe that was originally printed on a recipe card that was on its last legs. Now each of my siblings has their own version in my mom's handwriting.

How do you make the recreation so realistic?

I review the photos you send me and draw everything by hand. No templates or apps here! This is also how I'm able to customize the line thickness or remove any imperfections.

How long does the process take?

Generally you can expect a proof within 7 business days of your order.  During peak times like the holiday season and Mother's/Father's Day, the proof may arrive in 7-10 days.  Once you approve, your PDF will be delivered within 24 hours, or if you've ordered a physical item you can expect delivery in 1-2 weeks.  Products are custom printed with your artwork and then mailed via USPS or DHL.

Can I make changes to the drawing?

Yes! Once you receive your proof, you will have the opportunity to request any changes (maybe you want to keep those imperfections after all, or you think it would look better a little thicker when printed on a towel). Please note that changes add to the turnaround time, and if you have any important notes, it's helpful to mention that up front using the notes box on the order form.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Due to the custom nature of this process, I'm not able to accept returns or exchanges once an item is shipped or a PDF is delivered, but I am happy to work with you throughout the proof process to make sure that you love the final product before your order is complete.  If any of your products arrive damaged or are not what you expected, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can make it right!

Do you accept special requests?

Generally, yes! I have done pets of all kinds, totally custom outfits or costumes, background images, and more. Feel free to reach out before you order to chat about your vision and we can make it happen! The only special requests that we are not willing to accommodate are anything racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted in either its imagery or text.

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